Bud Factor X

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What is Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X? 

Bud Factor X is a plant supplement that contains bio-active ingredients that can help plants produce more terpenes, resins, and essential oils. These compounds are responsible for the smell, taste, and appearance of buds. Except helping with crop quality, Bud Factor X can also help to increase yields, making it a popular choice among growers. 

What does Bud Factor X do?

Bud Factor X enhances resin production and strengthens plant defenses. It not only amplifies aroma and potency but also boosts plants' natural resistance to threats. By using Bud Factor X, growers ensure healthier plants, optimized growth, and premium-quality harvests. But with Bud Factor X, you're not just aiming for bigger and better yields, but you're also investing in the overall health and resilience of your plants. 

How does Bud Factor X work?

Bud Factor X works by stimulating the production of enzymes in plants. Enzymes are essential for plant growth and development, and they also play a role in plant defense against pests and diseases. By stimulating enzyme production, Bud Factor X can help to improve plant health and vigor. In addition to stimulating enzyme production, Bud Factor X also nourishes beneficial bacteria in the root zone. These bacteria are important for plant health, and they can help to improve nutrient uptake and water use efficiency.

Bud Factor X NPK ratio:

Bud Factor X does not contain any NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium components). Bud Factor X NPK ratio is 0-0-0.

Bud Factor X feeding schedule

It is recommended to use Bud Factor X at a dosage of 2ml per 1 L of water during the flowering stage. Bud Factor X can be added to the nutrient solution or applied directly to the leaves of the plants.