Advanced Nutrients: the Science and Benefits behind their Fertilizers

Advanced Nutrients: the Science and Benefits behind their Fertilizers

In this article, we will focus on well-known fertilizers from Advanced Nutrients brand, which has been a foundation for many gardeners worldwide for years. This company, known for its innovation and advanced solutions, offers gardeners products that literally change the rules of the game in plant cultivation. Introducing science to the garden, Advanced Nutrients sets standards in fertilizer technology.

Let's begin with the company's history, which, in addition to being most associated with renowned fertilizers, is also famous for its colorful founder from whom everything started.

The history of Advanced Nutrients begins in the early 2000s when Michael Straumietis, known as "Big Mike", established the company with the mission of providing gardeners with top-quality fertilizers and plant supplements. As an avid gardener with over twenty years of experience, Big Mike recognized the lack of advanced fertilizer products on the market based on solid scientific research. Driven by his passion and vision, he focused on combining science with gardening practice, leading to an innovative product line. With a continuous commitment to research and development and focusing on gardeners' needs, Advanced Nutrients quickly gained a reputation as a brand offering unparalleled solutions for plant cultivation. Today, with global reach and a broad product range, the company continues to set standards in fertilizer technology, helping gardeners worldwide achieve exceptional results in their crops.

Mike with our company stuff

The Advanced Nutrients brand is known for various reasons, and below we will list the main reasons why this company's products are in high demand:

  • Passionate Founder: Advanced Nutrients was founded by Michael "Big Mike" Straum, who is not just a businessman but also an avid gardener. His passion and commitment to plant cultivation led to creating one of the world's most innovative fertilizer brands.
  • Based on science: Every Advanced Nutrients product results from rigorous research and testing. The company has a team of scientists dedicated to developing fertilizer formulas that are not only effective but also safe for plants and the environment.
  • Precise formulas: Advanced Nutrients fertilizers are known for their high precision formulas tailored to various plant growth stages. The product range is diverse, from basic NPK fertilizers to advanced supplements like Piranha, Voodoo Juice, and Ancient Earth.
  • pH Perfect Technology: Fascinatingly, some Advanced Nutrients products have the ability to automatically adjust pH levels, highly beneficial for plants and optimizing nutrient absorption.
  • For every grow medium: Advanced Nutrients fertilizers can be used in various cultivation media, from traditional soil to advanced hydroponic systems.
  • Global reach: Advanced Nutrients operates globally, supplying its products to gardeners in over 100 countries.

In the next part of this article, we will present a wide range of Advanced Nutrients products, carefully divided into categories to facilitate understanding and choosing the right fertilizers and supplements for various plant growth stages. This brand's advanced products include both basic fertilizers and specialist additives that assist in optimizing growth, flowering, and overall plant health. We invite you to explore these specially selected categories to help you choose the right Advanced Nutrients products that best meet your plants and garden's needs. However, before moving on to the products, it's worth mentioning the pH Perfect technology from the Advanced Nutrients brand.

What separate some of the Advanced Nutrients products from other's fertilizers brands is the pH Perfect formula, which represents a breakthrough in plant fertilization technology. One of the most crucial aspects of plant cultivation is maintaining the optimal pH level in the medium they grow in. Traditionally, this task required constant monitoring and pH level adjustment. The pH Perfect formula eliminates this need by automatically adjusting the pH level to the ideal range for plants. Ingredients within the formula actively regulate the pH level, allowing plants to absorb nutrients better. Ultimately, this leads to healthier plants and more abundant yields without the need for continuous monitoring and manual pH level adjustment. This not only saves time but also helps avoid errors that can affect the quality and quantity of yields. The pH Perfect formula is especially beneficial for beginner gardeners and also serves as a valuable tool for more experienced cultivators.

pH Perfect Grow, Micro, Bloom

3-part base nutrients


pH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom by Advanced Nutrients are a three-part fertilizer system that automatically adjusts the pH level in the cultivation medium, simultaneously providing plants with a full set of nutrients necessary for various growth phases. With this system, plant cultivation becomes much simpler and more effective, eliminating the need for continuous monitoring and manual pH level adjustment.

pH Perfect Grow: This part of the set focuses on supporting intense plant growth. It contains high concentrations of nitrogen and other nutrients essential for building a strong plant structure. It's perfect for use during the vegetative phase, ensuring plants receive the energy and nutrients needed for subsequent blooming.

pH Perfect Micro: This is a vital part of the set, providing plants with essential micronutrients and iron chelates, contributing to building a robust plant structure and supporting its overall health. With it, your plants will have a solid foundation, crucial for achieving abundant yields.

pH Perfect Bloom: This focuses on supporting the plant's flowering phase, containing a high content of phosphorus and potassium, vital for the development of robust and healthy flowers. It not only increases the number of buds but also enhances their quality, leading to higher yields.

Together, these three products form a powerful system that simplifies plant cultivation management, ensuring they get everything they need throughout the growth cycle.


Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow - fertilizer for plants during the growth phase

Sensi Grow from Advanced Nutrients is a two-component fertilizer designed for use during the vegetative phase of plants. It has been carefully developed to provide all the essential nutrients that plants need for rapid and healthy growth. Sensi Grow is renowned for helping produce strong roots, thick stems, and lush greenery, excellently preparing plants for the flowering phase. Additionally, it contains the pH Perfect formula, which automatically adjusts our pH.

Sensi Coco Grow

for plants growth in coco

Sensi Coco Grow is a special version of Sensi Grow, optimized for cultivation in coconut media. Coconut has unique properties that can influence nutrient availability, so Sensi Coco Grow contains specially adjusted proportions of ingredients to ensure optimal conditions for plant growth in coconut substrates.



Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom - fertilizer for plants during the flowering phase

Similar to Sensi Grow, Sensi Bloom is a two-component fertilizer, but it has been specially designed with the plant flowering phase in mind. The Sensi Bloom formula provides plants with the ideal proportions of nutrients necessary for the production of abundant, aromatic, and strong buds. It also enhances the production of terpenes and other essential compounds that affect the quality of the end product.

Sensi Coco Bloom

bloom fertilizers for coco coir

Sensi Coco Bloom is a version of Sensi Bloom fertilizer optimized for cultivation in coconut media. Thanks to its special formula that takes into account the unique properties of coconut substrates, Sensi Coco Bloom provides plants with everything they need to produce abundant and high-quality buds under these specific conditions.


Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow - premium growth fertilizer

Connoisseur Grow from Advanced Nutrients is a fertilizer designed to maximize plant growth and development during the vegetative phase. It contains a high concentration of nitrogen, as well as other nutrients that support the development of roots, stems, and leaves. Connoisseur Grow aids in building a robust plant structure, which is crucial for subsequent blooming. For gardeners aiming to achieve healthy and strong plants, Connoisseur Grow is an excellent choice.

Connoisseur COCO Grow

fertilizer for growth in coconut substrate

Connoisseur Coco Grow is specially designed for use with coconut substrates. It contains all the same nutrients as the standard Connoisseur Grow but has been optimized for the characteristics of coconut substrates to give plants the best support in this specific growth phase.



AN Connoisseur Bloom - a two-component fertilizer for the flowering phase

Connoisseur Bloom from Advanced Nutrients is an exceptionally advanced fertilizer intended for professional growers who want to achieve the highest level of flowers and yields. Connoisseur Bloom contains concentrated levels of phosphorus, potassium, and various other nutrients essential for producing large, potent, and aromatic flowers. Additionally, it includes special components that aid in the development of resins and terpenes, influencing the taste and scent of the end product. Connoisseur Bloom is recommended for growers who already have experience in cultivation and want to bring their plants to their full potential during the flowering phase.

AN Connoisseur COCO Bloom

fertilizer for flowering in coconut substrate

Connoisseur Coco Bloom has been specially developed for plants grown in coconut substrates. It is a unique formula that provides plants with all the nutrients found in standard Connoisseur Bloom but is adjusted to the specific needs of plants grown in coconut. As a result, Connoisseur Coco Bloom supports the production of flowers with exceptional density, taste, and aroma while ensuring optimal nutrient uptake in coconut substrates.


Jungle Juice by Advanced Nutrients - organic fertilizers for bloom and growth

Jungle Juice from Advanced Nutrients is a three-part fertilizer line created as an economical alternative to other products of this brand, while maintaining high quality and effectiveness. Jungle Juice is available in three different formulas: Grow, Micro, and Bloom, which can be combined to tailor the diet of plants at various stages of their growth and flowering. Introducing Jungle Juice into your cultivation can lead to healthier plants and higher yields without straining the budget. Below, we will take a closer look at individual fertilizers from this set:

  1. AN Jungle Juice Bloom: Jungle Juice Bloom is a key part of the three-part Jungle Juice fertilizer package, designed for the flowering phase of your plants. Containing high levels of phosphorus and potassium, Jungle Juice Bloom stimulates the abundance, strength, and health of flowers. This fertilizer not only leads to an increased number of buds but also significantly improves their quality, resulting in higher yields and excellent cultivation results.
  2. AN Jungle Juice Micro: Jungle Juice Micro is an essential element of the three-part Jungle Juice fertilizer system, providing your plants with key micronutrients that are fundamental to their development. Containing chelated forms of iron and other micronutrients, Jungle Juice Micro plays a crucial role in shaping a robust plant structure and improving its overall health. This fertilizer ensures plants have a solid foundation necessary to achieve abundant crop production.
  3. AN Jungle Juice Grow: Jungle Juice Grow is the third component in the three-part Jungle Juice fertilizer set, targeting the growth phase of plants. Containing high levels of nitrogen and other nutrients, Jungle Juice Grow promotes the development of leaves and stems, contributing to the strength and health of the entire plant. It's an excellent fertilizer for use in the vegetative phase, providing plants with the necessary energy and nutrients for the later flowering phase.

Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice - organic fertilizers

Iguana Juice is an organic fertilizer line from Advanced Nutrients, designed to support plants in different stages of their growth. Iguana Juice contains all the necessary nutrients of natural origin, which are key to plant health.

  • Iguana Juice Grow: This version of Iguana Juice is intended for the vegetative phase. It contains high levels of nitrogen and is enriched with nutrients that support rapid growth and development of plants. It helps in building a strong structure that is necessary for the later flowering phase.
  • Iguana Juice Bloom: This fertilizer is intended for the flowering phase of plants. It contains high levels of phosphorus and potassium, essential for the development of abundant and healthy flowers. Iguana Juice Bloom aids in producing a higher quantity of higher-quality buds.

Iguana Juice has been certified by the Organic Input Material (OIM) program, ensuring its compliance with organic growing standards and practices

Flowering stimulants are specialized preparations designed to support and optimize the flowering process of plants. They typically contain high concentrations of phosphorus and potassium, which are key nutrients essential for developing flowers. Furthermore, they may also include various plant hormones, amino acids, and trace elements that further support the flowering process. Using flowering stimulants can lead to more abundant yields, larger and more refined flowers, as well as improved aroma and taste. They are especially recommended for plants with high requirements during the flowering period, such as many fruit and vegetable plants. Flowering stimulants are generally applied during a plant's flowering phase and can be used in conjunction with regular fertilizers to ensure a full range of nutrients necessary for plants at this critical growth stage.


Big Bud - bloom booster by Advanced Nutrients

Big Bud flowering stimulant by Advanced Nutrients First on our list, Big Bud is one of the flagship products of Advanced Nutrients, specially created for the flowering stage of plants. The Big Bud formula contains optimal ratios of phosphorus, potassium, and amino acids, vital for producing large, juicy, and aromatic buds. Additionally, it contains special ingredients that enhance sugar and terpene production in plants, leading to improved quality and taste of yields. Introducing Big Bud into your fertilization program during flowering can significantly enhance both the quantity and quality of your buds.

Big Bud Coco

PK booster for coco coir

Big Bud Coco is a specially formulated flowering stimulant dedicated to coconut substrate cultivation. It contains optimal ratios of phosphorus, potassium, along with a special blend of amino acids and other nutrients that aid plants in producing large, robust, and aromatic buds. Big Bud Coco synergizes with the unique properties of the coconut substrate, ensuring maximum benefits for plants during the flowering phase.


Advanced Nutrients Overdrive - a stimulant for the final days of flowering

Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients is an extraordinary flower booster, becoming a key component in the late flowering stage of plants. With its specially formulated mix, which contains optimal amounts of phosphorus and potassium, Overdrive acts as an energy transfer catalyst within plants. This process allows plants to focus on bud expansion, increasing their size and density. Moreover, Overdrive contains unique ingredients that assist in the production of essential oils, enhancing the final product's taste and aroma. It's the ideal solution for gardeners aiming for the highest quality yields. Overdrive should be used during the last weeks of the flowering phase, ideally one to two weeks before the planned harvest. 

Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X

Bud Factor X is a unique supplement from Advanced Nutrients, designed specifically to maximize flower performance and improve quality. It contains distinctive ingredients that stimulate the plant's natural defense mechanisms, leading to increased terpene production and a heightened essential oil content in the buds. The increased terpene production not only enhances the flower's taste and aroma but also its potency. Bud Factor X also supports healthy plant development, improving resistance to stress and adverse environmental conditions. Its use is particularly beneficial during the flowering stage when plants direct most of their energy towards flower production. When combined with other fertilizers and supplements, Bud Factor X can significantly enhance the quality and quantity of the yield.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor - stimulant for the early days of flowering

Bud Ignitor from Advanced Nutrients was specifically crafted for the early days of flowering, ensuring plants get the best start in this crucial phase. The product's formula is designed to minimize the time plants take to start flowering while increasing the number of flowering sites. Adding Bud Ignitor to a plant's diet ensures faster growth, resulting in earlier, more abundant, and superior-quality yields. Cultivators will appreciate the difference this stimulant brings in the early flowering days, observing a clear acceleration of the process and improved end results. Bud Ignitor accelerates and strengthens the initial flowering stage, stimulating plants to produce a larger number of flowers.

Additives from Advanced Nutrients provide advanced solutions for gardeners who seek to achieve the highest quality and yields of their plants. The brand offers a wide range of specialized products that support plants at various stages of their life cycle. Among the additives from Advanced Nutrients are flowering stimulants, root boosters, pH optimizers, rooting agents, and many more. These products were developed by scientists and specialists in the field of plant cultivation to ensure maximum effectiveness and adaptability to the needs of different species. These additives are often rich in special nutrients, enzymes, plant hormones, and other substances that work synergistically to strengthen plant health and performance. For gardeners aiming for perfection in their crops, additives from Advanced Nutrients can be a key component in achieving exceptional results.

Advanced Nutrients B-52

Advanced Nutrients B-52 - fertilizer booster

Advanced Nutrients B-52 is a blend of 6 vitamins and amino acids, which is a formula that enriches plants with vitamins, especially from the B group. B vitamins play a crucial role in many of the plant's metabolic processes and are essential for its healthy growth. B-52 provides these vitamins in an easily absorbable form, supporting plants in stressful conditions, such as high temperatures or insufficient watering. Regular use of B-52 can lead to increased plant resistance and an improvement in their overall health and productivity.

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

Sensizym - root cleaning enzymes

Sensizym is a unique product from Advanced Nutrients that focuses on optimizing the soil environment by introducing a special blend of enzymes. The enzymes in Sensizym help break down dead organic matter and root residues in the soil, converting them into valuable nutrients for plants. As a result, Sensizym not only helps maintain a clean and healthy root environment but also increases nutrient availability, leading to stronger growth and higher plant yields. Moreover, it improves soil structure, which is particularly beneficial in long-term crops. Using Sensizym in combination with other fertilizer products can contribute to achieving exceptional quality and bountiful yields.

Advanced Nutrients Carboload

CarboLoad - liquid carbohydrates for plants

CarboLoad from Advanced Nutrients is a unique product that provides plants with carbohydrates in an easily absorbable form. These carbohydrates provide extra energy, which can be used by plants at various growth stages. CarboLoad is especially useful during the flowering phase when plants have an increased demand for energy for bud production. Using CarboLoad can lead to increased yields and improved bud quality.

Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

enhances taste and strengthens flowering


Nirvana from Advanced Nutrients is an organic flower booster designed to increase the quality and quantity of flowers in your cultivation. It contains a unique blend of organic ingredients, such as seaweeds, bat guano, and floral blooms, which work together to stimulate the production of flowers and terpenes. The product also helps increase the sugar content in plants, leading to higher resin and essential oil production. Thus, Nirvana is the perfect choice for breeders looking to enrich the taste, aroma, and overall quality of their flowers.

Nirvana is now Tasty Terpens

Nirvana is now called Tasty Terpens

Tasty Terpens, formerly known as Nirvana, is an organic flowering stimulant from Advanced Nutrients, developed to optimize the production of flowers and terpenes in your plants. By enriching plants with a unique combination of natural ingredients such as seaweed extracts, bat guano extracts, and diverse humus, Tasty Terpens stimulates the production of uniquely flavored and aromatic flowers. Additionally, the product helps increase the sugar content in plants, directly affecting the increase in resin and oil production. Tasty Terpens, previously sold under the name Nirvana, is indispensable for growers wishing to improve the quality of their flowers and achieve higher yields. It is the same product as Nirvana, just under a different name. As the name suggests, Tasty Terpens focuses on optimizing the terpene profile, which is crucial for growers seeking the highest quality buds.

Rhino Skin

silicon for plants

Strong and healthy plants are the foundation of every grower's success. That's why Advanced Nutrients created Rhino Skin, which provides optimal protection for plant cells. Thanks to its unique formula, rich in silicon, Rhino Skin strengthens cell walls, making plants more resilient to various stresses, such as pests, diseases, or adverse environmental conditions. Moreover, silicon plays a crucial role in enhancing the structure and durability of cells, resulting in stronger and more robust stems and leaves. With Rhino Skin, your plants will not only be better protected but also healthier, ready to reach their full growth and flowering potential.

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin


strong magnesium and sugars for plants

In the world of plant cultivation, not all additives are created equal, and Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients certainly stands out among the rest. Containing a meticulously selected blend of magnesium, sugar, carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamins, this product not only serves as an advanced energy source for plants but also as a key element in intensifying the aroma and flavor of crops. Adding Bud Candy to plant supplementation not only results in juicier and tastier fruits but also increases the overall plant resistance to stress and enhances their nutrient absorption capacity. Consequently, plants are healthier, and their harvests are richer in taste and aroma.

Flawless Finish

flush for final days of flowering

Flawless Finish by Advanced Nutrients is designed for use towards the end of the flowering cycle, aiding in the removal of excess salts and nutrients from plant tissue. This is essential for achieving a clean, smooth taste in the final product. Flawless Finish supports plants in their natural cleansing process, enabling the production of higher-quality buds without unwanted chemical residues. It's an indispensable product for growers seeking to deliver the purest and most flavorful end production.

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish

Advanced Nutrients Revive

First aid for plants

Advanced Nutrients Revive is a specialized product designed to assist plants in recovering from stress or damage. Containing an array of essential nutrients and amino acids, Revive aids in the repair of damaged plant tissue, restoring plant health and vigor. It's an essential tool for every gardener who wants to ensure that their plants have everything they need to recuperate after periods of stress or injury. Revive can be particularly helpful in situations where plants are exposed to adverse environmental conditions, such as drought, overwatering, or temperature fluctuations. With this product, you can be confident that your plants will continue to produce at full strength, even after facing challenges.

Advanced Nutrients Revive

Ancient Earth

organic fertilizer

Ancient Earth from Advanced Nutrients is an organic fertilizer that combines two different types of humic acids in one bottle. It contains fulvic acid as well as various fractions of humic acid, which together work to enhance nutrient uptake by plants. Ancient Earth aids in creating a beneficial soil environment, improving soil structure, and supporting root development. As a result, plants can better utilize available nutrients, leading to healthier, stronger plants and increased yields.

Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth
Root Mass Expanders by Advanced Nutrients

Rooting agents for plants, also known as root mass expanders, are special preparations that support root development in young plants or cuttings. Rooting agents typically contain a mix of hormones, nutrients, and micronutrients that stimulate root growth and assist in their development. Using rooting agents is especially beneficial during the rooting of cuttings, as the components contained in these preparations support the development of new roots, leading to faster and more stable plant growth. Additionally, rooting agents can help in the rebuilding of a plant's root system that has suffered damage or stress. In gardens where healthy root development is crucial, the use of rooting agents is an essential part of cultivation practices, leading to stronger plants and, consequently, to more abundant yields.

Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice

Voodoo Juice by Advanced Nutrients - rooting agent

Voodoo Juice is a powerful root stimulator from Advanced Nutrients, containing specially selected strains of beneficial bacteria that support the development of the plant's root system. These beneficial microorganisms colonize the root zone, enhancing the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water. Using Voodoo Juice can result in stronger, healthier roots, laying the foundation for lush growth and abundant yields.

Advanced Nutrients Piranha

Advanced Nutrients Piranha - beneficial fungi additive

Piranha from Advanced Nutrients is a unique supplement leveraging the power of beneficial fungi to enhance the efficiency of the plant's root system. The fungi in Piranha, such as mycorrhiza, work in symbiosis with plant roots, assisting in nutrient and water absorption. Moreover, these fungi help break down organic material in the soil, fostering a healthier root environment. As a result, not only does Piranha boost plant health and performance, but it also aids in protection against various environmental stresses.

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula - beneficial liquid bacteria 

Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients is a distinctive product harnessing the power of beneficial bacteria to bolster plant health and performance. Tarantula comprises a blend of chosen microorganisms that assist the plant's root system, augmenting its nutrient uptake capacity. With the application of Tarantula, plants can become more resilient to stress and diseases, leading to more vigorous growth and better yields.

Combination of Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula - best rooting agents for strong plant roots

The combination of Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients offers a formidable set that supports the plant's root system. Voodoo Juice acts as a rooting agent, fostering the development of robust roots. Piranha, as mentioned earlier, provides beneficial fungi working symbiotically with the roots. Meanwhile, Tarantula features a unique bacterial blend that promotes plant health and aids in pest resistance. Employing these three products together facilitates the creation of a sturdy, healthy root system capable of efficiently assimilating nutrients. This not only results in increased plant mass but also affects their capability to produce a greater quantity of higher-quality flowers. The Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula combination is ideal for growers wanting to fully harness their plants' potential while simultaneously ensuring their health and resistance to pests and environmental stresses.

Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule chart

The Advanced Nutrients dosage table is an essential tool for any gardener wanting to fully harness the potential of the fertilizers offered by this brand. It provides detailed information about the appropriate dosages and ratios of various Advanced Nutrients products depending on the growth stage of the plants. With this dosage table, you can be confident that you're providing your plants with the right amount of nutrients, leading to their healthy growth and bountiful yields. To simplify the fertilization process and help achieve optimal results, we recommend using the Advanced Nutrients dosage table. You can find this table on our website as well as the manufacturer's website (for the most up-to-date dosage information, please refer to the Advanced Nutrients site). It's an invaluable resource that will enable you to maximize the benefits of this brand's fertilizers.

Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule plan

In our article about Advanced Nutrient fertilizers, we explored a wide range of products designed to ensure your plants get everything they need to achieve maximum yields and health. From products aimed at boosting root mass to specialized formulas for various growth stages, Advanced Nutrients continuously strives for innovation to assist gardeners in achieving their goals.

One of the key aspects of successful plant cultivation is choosing the right fertilizers that provide plants with essential nutrients. With the broad range of products offered by Advanced Nutrients, you have the opportunity to select the perfect combination that meets the unique needs of your cultivation.

If you're interested in purchasing Advanced Nutrients products or want to learn more about how they can support your crops, we invite you to our site. Visit our stationary store, Growshop Growtent based in Warsaw, where our experienced specialists will assist you in selecting the right products and answer any questions related to fertilization and plant cultivation. If you prefer online shopping, please visit our website where you'll find the full assortment of Advanced Nutrients fertilizers.

Don't wait – invest in your plants growth and let Advanced Nutrients help you achieve the lush, healthy yields you've always dreamed of.