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BioBizz Microbes - Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Bacteria


BioBizz Microbes is a comprehensive consortium of microorganisms, enzymes and beneficial fungi that supports plants at every stage of their development, from germination to flowering. It works synergistically with other BioBizz products to ensure optimal growing results.

What is BioBizz Microbes? Enzymes and fungi for plants

BioBizz Microbes is a highly concentrated product containing carefully selected Trichoderma bacteria, enzymes and fungi. It is designed to increase plant health and productivity by improving nutrient absorption and protecting against pathogens.

Why use BioBizz Microbes? A healthy symbiosis of fungi and bacteria with the plant

The use of BioBizz Microbes significantly improves the quality and quantity of the crop. The product supports germination processes, stimulates root development and supports the development of healthy microbial flora in the substrate. Additionally, the microorganisms it contains are excellent promoters of phytohormones, which additionally stimulate plants.

BioBizz Microbes dosage and use:

BioBizz Microbes can be used throughout the plant's life cycle and is particularly effective when combined with other BioBizz products. It is recommended to apply Microbes once a week at doses between 0.2 and 0.4 g/L. You can find the exact doses on the BioBizz webiste.