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BioBizz Root Juice - root growth stimulator

Root Juice is a fully organic root stimulator based on natural ingredients such as humic acid and seaweed. This product is an ideal addition to hydroponic systems, aeroponic systems and various media mixtures and provides a strong, healthy root system for your plants.

What is Root Juice? Organic root stimulator

Root Juice is an organic root stimulator that was created with organic gardening in mind. It contains high-quality humic acid and seaweed, and is specially formulated to support intensive root development and increase the number of microbes around the plant's root system.

Why should I use Root Juice? Improved nutrient uptake by plants

Using Root Juice promotes the creation of a strong and healthy root system, which in turn enables better uptake of nutrients by plants. A strong root system is the basis for a healthy and resistant plant, which ultimately affects its yield and quality.

BioBizz Root Juice dosage and use:

The recommended dose of Root Juice is 1 to 4 ml per liter of water during the first week of the growth phase. The product can be added to various types of substrate, such as soil, peat or coconut, as well as in hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

Root Juice NPK ratio:

Root·Juice has a low NPK level of 0.1-0.1-0.1. Although its main task is not to provide macronutrients, the low level of NPK guarantees that the product will not disturb the overall balance of nutrients in the substrate, focusing mainly on stimulating root development.