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BioBizz TopMax - organic flowering stimulator

Top-Max is a 100% organic bloom timulastor that not only increases flower size and weight, but also facilitates nutrient uptake and leads to sweeter, more aromatic yields.

What is BioBizz Top-Max? Flowering booster

BioBizz Top-Max is an organic flowering stimulator that contains humic and fulvic acids obtained from Leonardite and other deep deposits. This product is designed to improve the absorption of nutrients, stimulate plant metabolism and increase the volume and quality of our crops.

Why is it worth using TopMax from BioBizz? Organic bloom stimulator

Using TopMax offers three main benefits: it increases flower size and weight, improves nutrient absorption, and results in sweeter, more flavorful crops. Ingredients such as humic and fulvic acids additionally stimulate plant metabolism, which translates into healthier and more productive crops.

BioBizz Topmax dosage and use:

Top·Max dosage depends on the flowering phase. In the first weeks, it is recommended to use 1 ml per liter of water. As you get closer to harvest, you can increase the dose to 4 ml per liter of water. For best results, visit the official BioBizz website.