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BioBizz Cal-Mag - Organic calcium and magnesium

BioBizz CalMag is a specialized fertilizer intended for professional growers and amateurs who need an additional dose of calcium and magnesium in their cultivation. It is a 100% organic and certified solution, ensuring optimal development and flowering of plants.

What is Cal-Mag? Calcium and magnesium supplement

CalMag from BioBizz is a supplement containing calcium and magnesium, two key minerals necessary for the proper growth and flowering of plants. Both of these elements play an essential role in cell production and photosynthesis

Why should I use BioBizz Cal-Mag? Prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants

Ca/Mg deficiencies are common, and modern tap water often does not provide the appropriate concentration of minerals. Whether you use soft tap water or RO water, BioBizz CalMag offers an organic and certified solution to nutrient deficiencies without disrupting your favorite fertilization regimen.

BioBizz CalMag for hydroponics and RO water - optimization of the irrigation system

If you grow hydroponically or use RO (reverse osmosis) water, BioBizz CalMag is the perfect, 100% organic solution for you. RO water often lacks essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can lead to their deficiencies in plants. Thanks to CalMag from BioBizz, you can easily and effectively fill in these gaps, ensuring the optimal development of your hydroponic crop.

BioBizz CalMag dosage and use:

The dosage of BioBizz CalMag depends on the individual needs of the crop. This product has been designed to be compatible with various fertilization programs, allowing easy and controlled correction of calcium and magnesium levels in the substrate. For detailed information, visit official BioBizz website.

BioBizz CalMag NPK ratio:

The NPK content in the BioBizz CalMag product is zero, which means that it is a specialized supplement whose main task is to provide calcium and magnesium, without affecting the overall fertilizer balance in the crop.