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BioBizz Bio-Bloom - organic bloom fertilizer

If you dream of big flowers leading to good quality fruit, BioBizz BioBloom is the fertilizer you need. It is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer that contains optimal proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, supported by enzymes and amino acids.

What is BioBloom? Organic fertilizer for flowering 

Bio-Bloom from Biobizz is a self-acting, complete liquid flowering fertilizer that is ideal from the flowering phase to harvest. It also contains enzymes, amino acids and trace elements and plant hormones to ensure strong and healthy flowering.

What are the benefits of Bio-Bloom? 

BioBloom not only provides an optimal blend of enzymes and amino acids, but also specially contains phosphorus and potassium, which are crucial for the formation and growth of tubers, calyces and petals. Potassium in particular helps trigger the flowering process by working with the plant's natural rhythm throughout the day and night. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a 100% organic, but at the same time effective solution for excellent flowering and fruiting.

Bio-Bloom dosage and use:

BioBizz recommends a dosage of 2 to 4 ml of Bio·Bloom per liter of water during the flowering phase until harvest. Specific doses for individual cultivation phases can be found on BioBizz website.

BioBizz BioBloom NPK ratio:

BioBloom has an NPK ratio of 2-7-4, which means it is high in phosphorus and potassium, which is crucial for the flowering and fruiting stages. Nitrogen is also present, but in a lower amount, which is typical of fertilizers intended for the flowering phase.