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BioBizz Fish-Mix - Organic supplementary fertilizer for growth and flowering

Fish·Mix from BioBizz is a rich composition of organic fish extract from the North Sea and 100% organic Dutch beet molasses. It is an excellent choice for those who want to improve the quality of their soil and support natural microflora in various types of soil.

What is Fish-Mix? Organic fish emulsion fertilizer

Fish·Mix is an organic fertilizer that contains nutrient-rich fish emulsions and sugar beet extract. It is a product free of synthetic preservatives and acids, which makes it ideal for organic farming.

Why should I use Fish-Mix? Organic fertilizer that improves soil quality

Using Fish-Mix helps accelerate plant growth and promotes the production of useful microorganisms in the soil or coconut-based medium. After a few days of application, it turns poor-quality soil into rich and fertile soil, satisfying the natural mineral needs of your plants.

BioBizz Fish Mix dosage and use:

Fish·Mix can be used at different stages of the plant's life, both in the growth and flowering phases. In the case of All·Mix, the recommended dose is 1 ml per liter of water. For Light·Mix, increase the dose to 2-4ml per liter of water. For detailed information, visit the official BioBizz website.

Fish-Mix NPK ratio:

The NPK in Fish Mix is 6-2-4, which means it is a product rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, providing balanced and comprehensive nutrition for your plants