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BioBizz pH Minus (Bio·Down) - Organic pH lowerer

Bio·Down is an organic pH regulator created especially for organic crops. Thanks to its natural formula based on citric acid, the product quickly and effectively lowers the pH of the substrate without negatively affecting its microflora.

What is BioBizz pH Minus? Organic bio-regulator  for lower pH 

Bio·Down, also known as BioBizz pH Minus, is a pH regulator containing citric acid, which naturally occurs in citrus fruits. The product has been designed to work perfectly with other Biobizz products and can be used in any irrigation, both in the growth and flowering phases of plants.

Why is it worth using Bio pH Minus? Organically decrease pH value

The use of Bio·Down guarantees the organic nature of the entire growing process, from seed to harvest. The product does not contain strong acids, so it does not harm microorganisms in the substrate, and at the same time effectively lowers the pH, which is crucial for the proper absorption of nutrients by plants.

BioBizz pH Minus dosage and use:

To use Bio·Down, you must first prepare the appropriate Biobizz nutrient mixture and measure its pH. Then we add 0.1 ml of Bio·Down to lower the pH by 0.5 point. After adding the product, mix for 10 seconds and measure the pH again. We repeat the procedure until we reach the optimal pH range of 6.2-6.5.

BioBizz pH minus NPK value:

As with Bio·Up, Bio·Down is a product intended for pH regulation and does not provide information on the content of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). Its main goal is to create optimal conditions for the absorption of these elements by plants.