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BioBizz Pre-Mix - Dry organic fertilizer

Biobizz Pre·Mix is a versatile, fully organic dry fertilizer designed to give your plants a solid start and nourish them throughout their growth and flowering period. This versatile product combines a variety of organic fertilizers, beneficial microorganisms, fungi and minerals with the goal of maximizing plant health, disease resistance and nutrient uptake.

What is BioBizz Pre-Mix? Dry fertilizer for growth and bloom

Pre·Mix is a dry fertilizer mixture made of high-quality organic ingredients. It is packed with essential nutrients, trace elements, fungi and friendly bacteria, creating an enriched soil environment for your plants. Its formula is optimized to increase both initial growth and subsequent development, making it a transplant or starter fertilizer.

Why use Biobizz Pre-Mix? Soil regenerating fertilizer

Using Biobizz Pre·Mix is an excellent choice for gardeners interested in organic farming who want to give their plants a rich start in nutrients. A balanced NPK ratio and an array of microorganisms help improve soil quality and stimulate microbial life, increasing plant health and ensuring better harvests.

BioBizz Pre-mix dosage and use:

For best results, it is recommended to mix Pre Mix with potting soil in a ratio of approximately 5%. This ensures the plants have optimal levels of nutrients from the very beginning. Always check specific product instructions for the most accurate dosage guidelines.

BioBizz Pre-mix NPK value:

Biobizz Pre-Mix has an NPK ratio of 3-3-5, providing a balanced combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are essential for overall plant health, root development and fruit and flower production.