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BioBizz PH-PLUS (Bio·Up) - Organic pH bio-regulator

Bio Ph-Plus from BioBizz is a 100% organic pH regulator created for growers who want to grow fully organic crops, from seed to harvest. Its natural formula allows you to quickly and effectively regulate the soil pH, without damaging the soil microflora.

What is BioBizz pH Plus? Organic pH adjuster

Bio Up, also known as BioBizz pH Plus, is a pH regulator based on humic acids obtained from natural sources. It has been specifically designed to work with other Biobizz products, allowing you to grow plants organically from seed to harvest.

Why is it worth using Bio pH-Plus? Organically increases pH value

Bio·Up is the perfect solution for those who want to maintain the organic quality of their crops. It does not contain strong acids, which means it does not negatively affect the microorganisms in the substrate. Moreover, it enables effective pH adjustment, which is crucial for optimal absorption of nutrients by plants.

BioBizz pH Plus dosage and use:

Bio·Up dosing is simple and precise. After preparing the mixture with Biobizz nutrients, the pH of the mixture is measured. Then 0.1 ml of Bio·Up is added to increase the pH by 0.1 point. The procedure is repeated, mixing for 10 seconds and measuring the pH again, until the optimal pH range of 6.2-6.5 is reached.

BioBizz pH Plus NPK value:

Bio·Up is a product intended mainly for pH regulation and does not contain information on the content of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), because its main purpose is to optimize soil conditions for better absorption of these ingredients by plants.