The organic path to a lush garden: BioBizz Fertilizers explained

The organic path to a lush garden: BioBizz Fertilizers explained

In the world of organic farming, BioBizz fertilizers are a key element in achieving a healthy and bountiful harvest. This brand is one of the leaders in this field, offering a wide range of products that not only support the healthy development of plants, but also ensure the balance of soil microflora. From stimulating root development, through optimizing the pH level, to specialized additives and boosters, BioBizz provides comprehensive solutions for every stage of plant life. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the brand's range to help you understand how each product works and how to best use it in your crops.

BioBizz Worldwide Organics

Before we move on to the details of individual BioBizz products, it is worth paying attention to what makes this brand stand out and what place it occupies on the organic fertilizer market. Founded in 1992 in the Netherlands, BioBizz quickly gained recognition as one of the leading companies in the field of ecological gardening solutions. The company is known for its strict commitment to quality, safety and sustainability, offering fully organic, certified and environmentally friendly products.

Interesting facts about the BioBizz brand:

  • Global reach: Although the company was founded in the Netherlands, its products are now available in over 64 countries around the world.
  • Innovation: Biobizz constantly invests in research and development, introducing new and improved formulas of fertilizers and supplements.
  • Certifications: All the company's products are certified according to international quality and safety standards such as OMRI and SKAL.
  • Education: Biobizz is also committed to education and environmental awareness, conducting various workshops, webinars and training programs for gardeners of various levels.
  • Carbon footprint reduction: The company strives to minimize its impact on the environment, including: by using recycled packaging and focusing on local production wherever possible.
  • Customer service: Biobizz is renowned for its excellent customer service, offering detailed instructions and support in product selection and use.

If you want to know more reasons why BioBizz is so appreciated around the world, we have a separate article for you - click here.

Now that we have knowledge about the history and values that drive the Biobizz brand, we can proceed with full understanding to the most important part of our article - base fertilizers overview. These products form the foundation of every successful crop, offering comprehensive solutions for various stages of plant growth. By choosing Biobizz base fertilizers, you not only invest in proven, ecological and effective products, but also support a company that has been working for sustainable agriculture and horticulture for years. Now we will look at what specific solutions Biobizz offers and why they are worth your attention.

BioBizz Fertilizers


Biobizz base fertilizers are organic and versatile products designed to meet all the basic needs of plants at various stages of their development. These formulas are rich in natural nutrients, trace elements and amino acids, providing plants with optimal conditions for healthy growth, flowering and fruiting. Biobizz brand base fertilizers include products such as Bio·Grow, Bio·Bloom and Fish·Mix, each designed to meet the specific needs of plants, either in the vegetative or flowering phase. Thanks to them, even novice gardeners can enjoy healthy and abundant harvests, without disturbing the natural balance of soil microflora.

Biobizz Bio Grow

BioBizz Bio Grow - organic fertilizer for growth

Bio-Grow is one of the flagship fertilizer products of the Biobizz brand, designed to support plants in the vegetative phase (but You can also use it during flowering phase). It is a base fertilizer that can be used on various types of soil, and its composition is based on organic extracts from sugar beets and other plants. Rich in nitrogen and other essential nutrients, Bio·Grow not only stimulates vigorous growth, but also increases the overall quality of the soil by improving its microflora. Thanks to this fertilizer, the plants grow strong, healthy and ready to enter later development phases, such as flowering and fruiting. It is a perfect, versatile solution for those who want to grow plants in a sustainable and ecological way.

Biobizz Bio Bloom fertilizer

BioBizz Bio Bloom - organic fertilizer for the flowering phase

Bio-Bloom is another key product in the Biobizz offer, specially formulated to support plants in the flowering and fruiting phase. This organic base fertilizer is rich in phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements that are crucial for healthy and abundant flowering. Using Bio·Bloom not only ensures lush, vibrant flowers, but also helps produce highly nutritious fruit and seeds. This fertilizer is compatible with a variety of soil types and irrigation systems, making it a versatile solution for a variety of crop types. Additionally, its organic formula benefits soil microflora while supporting a balanced and balanced soil ecosystem. In short, Bio·Bloom is an essential supplement for anyone who wants to maximize the performance and quality of their plants in the most natural and sustainable way.

BioBizz Fish Mix fertilizer

BioBizz Fish-Mix - organic fertilizer that increases soil quality and plant resistance to diseases

Fish-Mix is one of the most versatile organic fertilizers in the Biobizz offer, made mainly of marine fish and plant extracts. It is an excellent source of macro and microelements, including nitrogen and phosphorus, which are necessary for healthy plant growth. It acts as a complete organic fertilizer that can be applied to both soil and foliage and is ideal for all stages of a plant's life. Fish·Mix is particularly popular among growers striving to maintain a balanced ecosystem in their gardens because its natural ingredients support the development of microorganisms in the soil. Thanks to this, the fertilizer not only stimulates the growth of plants, but also increases their resistance to diseases and stress. In short, Fish·Mix is an excellent choice for those who want to influence the health and performance of their plants in a sustainable and ecological way.


Plant stimulators and boosters are specially designed preparations aimed at increasing the efficiency and health of plants at various stages of their development. Although both of these types of products work complementarily to fertilizers, they differ in their use and effect on plants. Stimulators usually focus on the biochemical and hormonal level, improving metabolic processes and helping plants better absorb nutrients. Boosters, on the other hand, are more focused on quickly providing the necessary macro and micronutrients at key moments in the plant's life, such as the flowering phase. Overall, both stimulants and boosters act as optimization tools that enrich the plant's nutritional program and help growers achieve better crop results.

BioBizz Bio Heaven organic fertilizer

BioBizz Bio Heaven - improves the soil and increases the absorption of nutrients

Bio-Heaven is a highly concentrated plant growth stimulator that is part of the ecological product line offered by Biobizz. This unique product significantly increases the absorption and effectiveness of available nutrients in the soil and substrate. It contains a wide range of amino acids and other valuable substances that not only increase the energy potential of plants, but also help rebuild the soil structure, improving its quality and water retention capacity. Bio·Heaven is particularly beneficial during the development and flowering phases, when plants are most demanding in terms of nutrition. Thanks to this, plants not only grow faster, but also produce more flowers and higher-quality fruit. This is a product that will fit into every organic garden, providing plants with everything they need to be healthy and productive.

BioBizz Top Max fertilizer

BioBizz Top Max - improves the quality and increases the quantity of crops

Top-Max by Biobizz is a 100% organic flowering stimulator, designed with three key goals: increasing the size and weight of flower clusters, improving plant nutrient uptake, and producing sweeter crops. Containing humic and fulvic acids, Top·Max activates the flow of nutrients in the soil, releasing minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium, which in turn stimulate plant metabolism. It is an ideal product for those who want to maximize the efficiency and quality of their crops in a fully organic way.

BioBizz Alg-a-mic stimulator

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic - helps plants recover from stress related to deficiencies, diseases and temperature changes

Alg-A-Mic from Biobizz is an organic growth stimulator and soil conditioner based on marine algae. The product is rich in natural trace elements, plant hormones, amino acids and vitamins that support the overall health and vitality of plants. Alg·A·Mic can be used both as a fertilizer additive and as a foliar spray, providing comprehensive benefits to plants at various stages of their development.

Alg-A-Mic is ideal for plants that have experienced stress resulting from excessive fertilization, deficiencies, diseases or temperature fluctuations. It helps stimulate chlorophyll absorption, which translates into healthier, green leaves and, as a result, larger fruit.

It is an ideal choice for growers who want to improve the health and immunity of their plants in a completely natural and ecological way.

Biobizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice - rooting agent

Root Juice is a fully organic root stimulator designed to increase the vitality and development of the plant root system. The product formula combines the beneficial properties of humic acid and seaweed, creating a synergistic environment that increases microbiological activity in the soil and stimulates root development. With Root·Juice, plants are better equipped to absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently, leading to healthier growth and abundant production. This stimulator is particularly beneficial in the initial stages of plant development and during periods of stress, such as transplanting. It is an ideal product for those who grow organic crops and want to increase the yield and health of their plants in a natural way.


pH regulators from Biobizz are organic products designed for organic farming, the main purpose of which is to naturally correct the pH level of the substrate and water used for irrigation. Thanks to their natural formulas, these products, such as Bio·Up and Bio·Down, not only effectively adjust pH, but also protect soil microflora, which is crucial for healthy plant growth. They are compatible with other Biobizz products and can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the plant, from the vegetative phase to flowering. They offer an organic and sustainable solution for those who want to keep all aspects of growing in harmony with nature.

Biobizz ph plus bio up

BioBizz Bio pH-Plus - a bio regulator that increases the pH level

Bio-Up from Biobizz is an organic pH regulator, created especially for the organic farming sector. This product allows for quick and natural pH adjustment in various types of soil and for various crops, while protecting soil microorganisms. Based on humic acids, Bio·Up is an excellent choice for growers who want to keep the entire growing process fully organic, from seed to harvest. It works synergistically with other Biobizz products, offering a holistic approach to plant care.

Biobizz ph minus bio down

BioBizz Bio pH-Minus -  bio regulator that lowers pH value

Bio-Down from Biobizz is another organic pH regulator designed with the needs of organic farming in mind. This product is based on natural citric acid, found in various citrus fruits. Its main advantage is quick and effective correction of the soil pH, without affecting the soil microflora. Like its counterpart Bio·Up, Bio·Down is ideal for those who want to grow in a fully organic way. It can be used at any stage of plant growth and flowering, and its formula is compatible with other Biobizz products. This is an excellent solution for growers who want a balanced approach to pH regulation in their growing systems.


Biobizz additives are specialized products designed to increase plant performance and health in organic growing systems. The brand's offer of accessories is diverse and the concept of "additives" is quite broad. Each of these products is formulated with natural and organic ingredients, making them ideal for organic and sustainable farming. Thanks to them, growers can easily adjust the nutritional needs of their plants, increasing their immunity, promoting healthy growth and ultimately improving the quality of the final product. This comprehensive approach to plant breeding makes Biobizz additives appreciated by organic growers around the world.

BioBizz Acti-Vera

BioBizz Acti-Vera - protection of the plant immune system, acceleration of metabolism and improvement of nutrient absorption

Acti-Vera from Biobizz is an innovative plant fertilization additive that has become an invaluable tool in the arsenal of gardeners and farmers. Known for its versatility and effectiveness, Acti-Vera not only improves the health and vigor of plants, but also enhances their ability to absorb nutrients. It is a product based on aloe that can be used in various cultivation systems - from soil to hydroponics. If you are interested in an organic and sustainable approach to growing, Acti-Vera from Biobizz can be a key element of your fertilization strategy.

BioBizz Calmag

BioBizz Cal-Mag - Prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies in plants

Biobizz CalMag is a specially formulated additive intended for organic crops and created to support plants in the absorption of key microelements. Since water in some regions may be soft or lacking essential nutrients (especially RO water), CalMag provides the right amount of calcium and magnesium, which is crucial for healthy plant growth. Calcium is essential for the structure and health of plant cells, as well as for the absorption of other nutrients. Magnesium, in turn, plays a key role in the photosynthesis process and is an integral part of chlorophyll. Both of these elements are absolutely crucial for plants, and their deficiency can lead to various health problems, such as yellowing leaves, poor growth or lower yields. CalMag by Biobizz is compatible with other products from the brand and can be used in various stages of a plant's growth, from the vegetative to the flowering stage, making it a versatile and extremely useful addition to any organic crop.

biobizz pre-mix dry fertilizer

BioBizz Pre-Mix - dry fertilizer that regenerates and nourishes the soil

BioBizz Pre-Mix is an ecological, dry fertilizer for universal use that offers plants everything they need from transplanting to the final stages of growth and flowering. Containing a rich blend of high-quality organic fertilizers, trace elements, beneficial microorganisms and fungi, Pre Mix becomes one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market. This is an excellent option for those who want to provide their plants with optimal growing conditions while staying within sustainable and ecological gardening practices.

Biobizz Leaf Coat

BioBizz Leaf Coat - a plant protection product that improves the overall health of the plant

Leaf Coat is an organic plant protection product that serves as a shield for leaves and other external parts of plants. It acts as a natural barrier against pests and diseases, increasing the immunity of plants and enabling them to better absorb nutrients. Designed to be completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, Leaf·Coat not only protects but also increases overall plant performance and health. This is an ideal solution for gardeners and breeders who are looking for an effective and at the same time ecological way to protect their crops.


BioBizz Try-Packs

If you are considering starting your adventure with organic plant cultivation, Try·Packs from Biobizz are an excellent starting point. These compact kits are designed for ease of use and effectiveness, offering a range of 100% organic fertilizers and stimulants. Whether you're a novice or experienced grower, Try·Packs offer a variety of solutions for indoor, outdoor, hydroponic growing or for plants that need extra stimulus. Each kit is designed to maximize yields and minimize costs, and the products included can be easily combined with other Biobizz products. Take your plants to the next level of cultivation with these versatile packages.

  • Try-Pack Indoor: Perfect for beginner indoor plant growers, it offers basic fertilizers and stimulants for 1-4 plants.
  • Try-Pack Outdoor: A kit perfectly suited for outdoor growing, containing a blend of fertilizers to support growth and flowering.
  • Try-Pack Hydro: Designed for those who want to combine the benefits of hydroponic systems with organic fertilization, it offers basic food for 1-4 plants in hydroponic systems.
  • Try-Pack Stimulant: Perfect for plants needing extra stimulus, it contains root and flowering stimulants to increase yields and fruit quality.
Biobizz Starters Pack

BioBizz Starters Pack - Organic nutrient starter kit

Biobizz Starters·Pack is a complete set for every gardener who wants to grow their crops in an ecological and sustainable way. In one convenient package you will find everything necessary to manage plants throughout their entire life cycle - from rooting, through the growth phase, to abundant harvests. The kit includes a variety of organic fertilizers and stimulants such as 1L Bio·Grow, 1L Bio·Bloom, 500ml Top·Max, 250ml Root·Juice and 250ml Bio·Heaven. The set also includes information leaflets and other useful accessories that make growing plants easier and the results more satisfying.


Biobizz product dosing is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, even for novice gardeners. The company offers detailed fertilization plans and schedules that can be adapted to the individual needs of different types of plants and growing systems. However, a cautious approach is recommended, especially if you are new to using organic fertilizers and supplements. It is always good to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it, observing the reaction of the plants. It is also important to accurately measure the pH and EC (electroconductivity) of our solution to ensure optimal conditions for plant growth and development.

BioBizz feeding and nutrient schedule

If you are looking for more detailed information on the dosage of BioBizz fertilizers, please read our separate article, and if you want to be sure that the information you use is always the most up-to-date, we encourage you to visit the official BioBizz website.

To sum up, Biobizz fertilizers offer a wide range of possibilities for those who are looking for organic and sustainable solutions for their crops. From basic fertilizers, through stimulants and boosters, to specialized additives and pH regulators, Biobizz has something for every gardener. With these products, you can count on healthy, strong and abundant plants while caring for the environment.

If you are interested in Biobizz products, please visit our online store and stationary Growshop Growtent in Warsaw. We offer professional advice and a wide range of products that will help you achieve the highest results in plant cultivation. See you!