Our opinion about Biobizz fertalizers

Our opinion about Biobizz fertalizers

About Biobizz

Since its founding in 1992 Biobizz has been one of the leading producers of bio fertilizers and nutrients for indoor plantations. Biobizz, aside from fertilizers, offers high-quality soil and coco coir, renowned among growers in more than 70 countries. The company only uses certified natural ingredients of verified origins. 

Our opinions on Biobizz

Biobizz fertilizers are a good choice, especially for beginner growers, who won’t have to worry about over-fertilizing or checking pH and EC levels thanks to their bio formula. In addition, application of Biobizz products is very simple – for our first cycle starterpacks like Trypack Indoor or Trypack Outdoor will be sufficient. With every next cycle we can try adding other products – Root Juice, Bioheaven stimulator or Alg a Mic seaweed extract. When choosing Biobizz you need to keep in mind that it’s about crop quality, not yield. Bio cultivation, as opposed to mineral, will not lead to robust blooming, that is why we recommend it for growing plants with a smaller surface area. Every grower who pays particular attention to quality and purity of product should definitely check out Biobizz, as it guarantees no chemical residue or heavy metal contamination.