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CF Group (Can filters) is a Dutch company available in 43 countries. One of the most known global manufacturers of Carbon filters & Fans. They created few series of the filters. The highest quality Original series (with lifetime up to 30month) and LITE with 18 months liftime.

How to properly mount a carbon filter in my grow room?
Carbon filters should be installed in the ventilation system just before or after the fan. Installing it in front of the fan will prevent any unpleasant odors from getting outside the growbox. In order to have a ventilation system that works effectively, you need appropriate ventilation ducts that would connect those elements. The widely avaiable standards are from 100 to 315mm in diameter. It is best to use ducts with the diameter the same as the fan and filter. Howevwer you can also use adapters (special flanges/reducers) that reduce or increase the diameter of the duct. The ducts can be mounted to the filter/fan by regulated metal clamps (also available in our offer).