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Root Pouch Black line:

The Root Pouch Black is an innovation in plant cultivation, providing an eco-friendly and efficient solution for growers. This unique container incorporates recycled materials with natural fibers to ensure sustainability while simultaneously offering an environment that promotes healthy root growth.

Why choose Root Pouch Black?

Using Root Pouch containers promotes healthier root systems by preventing circling. Their fabric ensures temperature insulation and optimal airflow, reducing transplant shock and boosting plant growth. It's a top choice for better plant health and yield.

Benefits of using Root Pouch Black:

The Root Pouch Black, with its unique design and advanced blend of materials, sets new benchmarks in plant cultivation. Crafted with an intent to provide plants the best growth conditions, it boasts a multitude of advantages.

  • Natural fiber blend weighing 260 g/m2.
  • Semi-degradable, lasting for 4-5 seasons.
  • Recommended uses: in-soil, in-pot, and above-ground cultivation.
  • The Black line of Root Pouch stands as the most durable, partially decomposable root bag available. Root Pouch is the only fabric container company that offers a blend with natural fibers.
  • UV-resistant, BPA-free and non-toxic

Benefits for plant health in the Root Pouch growing bag:

  • Prevents root circling
  • Thermal protection provides insulation from cold and heat
  • Allows free airflow and nutrient circulation
  • Reduces the risk of transplant shock
  • Yields larger harvests and promotes vigorous root growth.