What are the Air-pots? All you need to know about Airpots

What are the Air-pots? All you need to know about Airpots

What are the Air-pots?

Air-pots are an innovative type of plant pot, which promotes root growth and prevents root bound. The construction is quite simple – there is a plastic sheet, similar to an egg carton in shape, a bottom grate and pins which hold the whole thing together. The sheet has holes, through which roots stick out, causing them to dry out and prune. The drying out is actually beneficial to the plant, because it promotes lateral root growth. 

Air-pots advantages

One of the biggest advantages of using Air-pot’s is the automatic pruning, which removes the hassle of having to cut the roots yourself and makes your plant stronger. Aside from that there is drainage, which is much better than that of a standard plastic pot. Repotting is also needed less frequently, as the roots don’t become root bound. 

Watering in the Air-pots

The increase in root volume means your plant will need more watering. This is a good thing though – it means your plant will be stronger than if you planted it in a standard plastic pot. To prevent water from flowing out of the side holes it is a good idea to use a slower watering method like a dripper. 

Does air pruning really work in the Air-pots?

The Air-pot’s novel design makes pruning basically automatic. The shape of the pot guides the roots towards an opening on the side. The root starts sticking out and the tip dries out, leading to more lateral root growth. This way you don’t need to prune your plants, the Autopot does it for you. 

Can you overwater the Air-pots?

You can, but it is much harder than with standard pots due to the large drain area.  

Are the air pots reusable?

Air-pots are made to be reusable. They are made of plastic, so they will not get damaged when put in soil. 

What medium would be suitable for growing in the Air-pots?

 Air-Pot containers can work with a range of different growing mediums like expanded clay, rockwool, soilless or with coco fiber.

Are the Air-pots for indoor or outdoor cultivation?

Air-pots can be used for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, they just need to be provided with space for drainage.

What size of the Air-pot would be most suitable for my plant?

This depends on the size of your plant’s roots. The diameter of your Air-pot should be about 3 cm larger than that of the previous pot, so the roots have space to grow.