Everything you need to know about the DWC system

The popularity of DWC comes from its ease of assembly – very often it does not require pumping water or connecting an external tank.

How to build your own DWC system:

The system is most often built on a base of a plastic bucket with a lid. The size of the vessel can be anything, but we recommend for it to be between 5 and 30 liters per plant. 

What you need to do:

  1. Make a hole in the lid of the vessel using scissors or a drill with the appropriate bit in such a way that the opening is minimally smaller than the diameter of the basket in which the plant will be cultivated.

  2. Fill the basket with ceramsite or other filler.

  3. Place the plant in such a way that the root is pointed towards the center of the vessel and the leaves are above it.

  4. Pour in water with fertilizer and a stable pH.

  5. Place an air stone on the bottom and connect it to an aerator.

And that completes the setup. 

(Warning: for the first week you need to water the plant manually until its roots reach the fertilizer at the bottom of the bucket)

Things you will need:

  1. scissors/drill

  2. bucket with lid

  3. aerator with air stone

  4. ceramsite/mineral wool to keep the plant vertical

  5. hydroponics basket

Things we recommend:

  1. EC meter (for controlling fertilizer concentration in the water)

  2. pH meter

  3. RO (reverse osmosis) filter (for increasing EC meter readout accuracy)

  4. Dedicated mineral fertilizers for hydroponics