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Wholesale growshop

At GROWTENT®, apart from retail sales, we also deal with wholesale. We have a large warehouse space and high stock levels, which are constantly replenished. Thanks to this, we successfully supply growshops in Poland and abroad.

If you run a growshop and are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of all kinds of accessories for growing plants, such as: growboxes, LED grow lighting, filters, fertilizers for plants, production pots, you've come to the right place.

growshop wholesale

Wholesale offer for plant accessories

We are a distributor of many producers and has in stock products of such brands as:

Advanced Nutrients, AutoPot, ADWA, LUMATEK, ADJUST-A-WINGS, BAC, BioBizz, Garland, Biotabs, Bluelab, Can-Filters, Can-fan, GIB Lightning, Jiffy, Mars Hydro, Milwaukee, Plagron, Prima Klima, Secret Jardin, Top Crop, Grow The Jungle, Cornwall Electronics, Growth Technology, AIR-FAN,Cli-mate,Grodan, Secret Jardin,Bluelab,Co2 boost, Hesi, Canna, Eazy plug, Dutchpro, Elektrox, Guanokalong, Neptune Hydroponics, Root pouch, Vents, Black orchid, Lumii, Agrolite, Airroxy, Airontek i wiele innych

We also offer products of our own unique brands that we are constantly developing.

We are a producer of the following brands:

  • RoyalRoom® - tents for growing plants and growing accessories
  • Herbgarden™ - plant growing tents, LED plant lighting, garden accessories, garden foils, secateurs and plant scissors, foil pots (foil pots), eco-breathable fabric pots (felt bags for growing plants)
  • LuckyGrow® - high-quality LED lighting for growing plants
  • Croco filters® - carbon filters for ventilation
  • Verticana® - LED lighting for indoor plants and vertical walls (green gardens), enabling additional illumination of plants from a large distance
  • Galaxyfarm - ph meters, ec meters, weather stations and other measuring devices

growshop wholesale

How does B2B cooperation work in our growshop based warehouse

We provide our contractors with timely deliveries. Thanks to many years of experience in mail order sales, we are able to efficiently and quickly deliver the ordered products. Most orders placed before 3 p.m. are shipped the same day. We also offer a dropshipping sale service. We realize orders even for small quantities of goods!

Integration XML

We offer our customers the ability to automatically download all products from our warehouse. Moreover, our system offers the ability to dynamically update prices and stock levels. If you want to learn more click: INTEGRATION

We invite companies and shops to cooperate with us. If you want to open or run a growshop, contact us or: Register an account on the quickclick.pl wholesale panel. After verification, our wholesale department will grant you access to the wholesale offer! If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: b2b@growtent.eu or by phone: +48 534 700 685

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