The Complete Guide to Canna Growing Media

The Complete Guide to Canna Growing Media

Nowadays, growing plants, both at home and professionally, requires not only knowledge and experience, but also high-quality soil. Canna, recognized on the international horticultural market, offers various types of substrates, designed specifically for different types of plants and cultivation systems. Whether Canna Terra Professional for soil plants, Canna Coco for coconut crops, or even Canna Aqua for hydroponic systems - each product is designed to provide optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants. In this article, we will look at various Canna media, their uses, advantages and dosage recommendations.

Canna Terra Profesional Soils

Why is it worth choosing Canna soil?

One of the main reasons why gardeners and plant breeders around the world choose substrates from Canna is their high quality and reliability. These products are the result of years of research and experience, which guarantees that they meet the highest standards. They are also designed with the diverse needs of plants in mind, offering solutions for both amateurs and professionals. A properly selected substrate can significantly affect the health, growth and yield of plants, which makes choosing Canna products an investment in the success of your crop. Additionally, Canna offers a wide range of products, which allows you to select the perfect substrate for your specific needs, whether in soil, coconut or hydroponic cultivation. Thanks to this, when choosing substrates from Canna, you can be sure that you are getting a product that was created to optimize conditions for your plants.

Substrates and soils offered by CANNA company.

Choosing the right substrate is one of the most important stages in preparing for growing plants. Canna offers a wide range of substrates that have been designed to meet the various requirements of growers, both amateur and professional. Below is a brief overview of the available products:

  • Canna Terra Professional: A versatile, nutrient-rich soil medium, perfect for a wide range of soil-grown plants. Provides good breathability and water retention.
  • Canna Terra Professional Plus: An advanced version of Terra Professional, offering an improved blend of organic and mineral ingredients for even better growing results.
  • Canna Coco Professional Plus: Coconut-based substrate, ideal for coco systems. Designed to support healthy root development and efficient nutrient absorption.
  • Canna Coco Natural: A less advanced version of the coco medium, but still offering high quality and versatility in cultivation.
  • Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles: Clay balls intended for hydroponic systems and as an addition to soil substrates. They support breathability and water retention.
  • Canna Bio Terra Plus: Organic substrate, created for growers who prefer ecological cultivation methods. Free from harmful substances and rich in nutrients.
  • Canna Seedmix: A specialized substrate designed for the sowing and germination phases, providing optimal conditions for young plants.

Each of these media is designed to meet the specific needs of different plant types and growing systems, offering a wide range of options for growers of all skill levels.

Process of production Canna Soil

The production process of Canna substrates and soils

Canna is known for its attention to detail at every stage of the production of its substrates. The process begins with the careful selection of raw materials, which are tested for quality and chemical composition to ensure the highest standard. They then go through various stages of processing and mixing, often with the addition of special nutrients or microorganisms that are intended to improve the physical and chemical properties of the substrate.

Further production steps often include pH and humidity control, as well as laboratory testing to ensure the product is free from pathogens and other harmful substances. All this takes place in controlled conditions, often using the latest technologies, such as spectral analyzers or advanced irrigation systems.

After production, each batch of substrate is subjected to rigorous quality tests before it is released on the market. Canna strives to continually improve its products, so each batch of substrate is carefully analyzed to understand what improvements can be made in future versions.

Ultimately, this careful and advanced production process ensures that Canna substrates are not only highly effective, but also safe for plants and the environment.

Canna Terra Nutrients and Potting mixes


Canna Terra Professional - universal soil substrate mix for plants

Canna Terra Professional is one of the most popular soil substrates on the market, designed to meet the various needs of plants grown in soil. This substrate is characterized by a high content of organic nutrients, making it an excellent environment for the development of the root system and for the effective absorption of minerals. The structure of this substrate is so flexible that it provides excellent breathability and water retention capacity, which is crucial for healthy plant growth. The use of Canna Terra Professional can significantly increase the quality and quantity of crops for both amateur and professional growers. Its universality and high quality of ingredients make it a substrate often chosen by gardeners who expect the best results from their crops.

The substrate is available in 25 and 50 liter bags.

Canna Terra Professional

Canna Terra Professional Plus - The purest potting mix possible for plant cultivation

Canna Terra Professional Plus is a substrate that is a step forward compared to its "younger brother", Canna Terra Professional. This product is intended for those who are looking for even better results and are ready to invest in advanced solutions. This substrate contains a unique mixture of organic and mineral ingredients, which provides even better conditions for plant development. Its structure has been designed to maximize the development of the root system, which directly translates into the health and yield of plants. In addition, this substrate is characterized by an even better ability to retain water and nutrients, which minimizes the risk of stress for plants and enables effective irrigation management. Canna Terra Professional Plus is the perfect choice for people who do not want to compromise when it comes to the quality of their crop.

The substrate is available in 25 and 50 liter bags.

Canna Terra Professional Plus
Canna Bio Terra Plus

Canna Bio Terra Plus - Certified organic soil 

Canna Bio Terra Plus is an organic substrate that uses the highest quality raw materials, including excellent "white" peat with an acidic pH. This peat comes from unique locations and has a light structure with elongated fibers, which promotes healthy plant growth. The tree bark used in this product has natural antifungal and bactericidal properties, which significantly improves the quality of the substrate and minimizes the risk of diseases.

Peat and bark are not the only components of this advanced substrate. Bio Terra Plus also contains high-quality coconut fiber, known as CANNA COCO. This mixture is pre-fertilized with certified organic ingredients such as bone meal, bat guano and various trace elements. Moreover, it contains beneficial soil bacteria, which creates a beneficial symbiosis for plants, leading to fewer soil diseases, more effective absorption of nutrients and better plant development.

Bio Terra Plus also has the ability to automatically regulate the amount of fertilizer used. This means that this medium adapts to the amount of nutrients fed: if you give less, more pre-fertilizer will be used, and if you give more, the need for pre-fertilizer will decrease. Thanks to this, the risk of making a mistake when feeding plants is minimal. The fertilizer is slowly released from the organic complexes, allowing constant availability of nutrients.

Bio Terra Plus is a highly reliable substrate that can adjust the fertilization schedule as needed, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced growers who are looking for a sustainable and highest quality product.

The substrate is available in 25 and 50 liter bags.

soil for young plants


Seed Mix

Canna Terra Seed Mix - Premium solution for seed starting

Canna Seedmix is a specially designed substrate that aims to provide the most optimal conditions for germination and early stages of plant growth. Knowing how delicate and demanding young plants can be, the producers of this substrate made sure that the ingredients were carefully selected and balanced. This substrate is characterized by excellent structure and properties that favor the even distribution of water and nutrients.

One of the key advantages of Canna Seedmix is its ability to maintain optimal humidity and provide an even flow of air to the roots, which is crucial for germinating seeds. The appropriate structure of the substrate allows the plant roots to easily penetrate the soil, which is extremely important in the initial stages of their development. This medium also contains nutrients that are necessary for young plants, but in balanced amounts so as not to harm the delicate sprouts.

Canna Seedmix is free from diseases and pathogens, so growers can be sure that their young plants are growing in a healthy and safe environment. Additionally, since this is a high-quality product, you can expect it to deliver consistent and predictable results, which is extremely important for growers who don't want to leave anything to chance.

Overall, Canna Seedmix offers everything you could expect from a substrate intended for germinating seeds: optimal conditions for growth, balanced nutritional composition and safety for young, sensitive plants. Therefore, it is a choice worth considering for both beginners and experienced growers.

Cocos Substrates


Canna Coco Professional Plus - coconut growing medium

Canna Coco Professional Plus is a coconut-based substrate designed for the most demanding growers. It is an advanced product that contains a unique blend of organic and mineral ingredients, making it an ideal choice for professional growing systems. Its structure is so precise that it ensures excellent breathability and water retention, which is crucial for healthy plant growth. The nutrients in this medium are easily available to plants, which means more efficient use of fertilizers and better crop results. If you are a grower who does not want to make any compromises and expects maximum performance from your substrate, Canna Coco Professional Plus is the perfect choice for you.

Canna Coco Professional Plus

Canna Coco Natural - coconut substrate

Canna Coco Natural is a coconut-based substrate that combines high quality and versatility. It is a less technologically advanced product compared to its cousin, Canna Coco Professional Plus, but still offers solid conditions for plants grown in coco systems. Its light and airy structure promotes the rapid and healthy development of the root system, and natural nutrients support plant growth. Additionally, Canna Coco Natural is relatively simple to use, making it a great choice for growers of all skill levels. Thanks to its properties, this substrate is an excellent alternative to traditional soil substrates and is often chosen by those who are looking for efficient and ecological solutions.

The product is not available in our store.

Canna Coco
canna aqua substrate


canna aqua play pebbles

Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles - hydroponic growing media

Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles is a unique type of substrate in the form of spherical clay granules, designed for hydroponic systems, but also as an addition to other types of substrates. These porous clay balls are characterized by excellent breathability and water retention, which allows maintaining the optimal balance of humidity and oxygen access for plant roots. They are also an excellent medium for the roots, providing them with solid support and allowing easy absorption of nutrients.

In addition, Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles are extremely durable and can be used for many growing cycles, making them a cost-effective substrate in the long run. Their chemical neutrality makes them compatible with various irrigation systems and various types of fertilizers. It is also worth adding that they are free from pathogens and other potentially harmful substances, which makes them safe substrates for various types of plants.

It is the perfect choice for those who want to automate their growing system and gain full control over plant growth conditions. Whether you are a beginner in hydroponics or an experienced grower, Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles offer the quality and versatility to help you achieve optimal results.

Canna torf landscape

Canna substrates are high-quality products, designed for various stages of plant development. From seed germination using Canna Seedmix, through growth in Canna Terra Professional or Canna Terra Professional Plus, to cultivation in more specialized media such as Canna Coco Natural or Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles. Each of these media offers unique properties that make them ideal for a specific phase of a plant's life or a specific type of crop.

The technology and research behind these products ensures that they are free from diseases and pathogens, providing an additional level of safety. Canna not only provides substrates, but also complete solutions for growers, including fertilizers and supplements. This makes this brand one of the most trusted choices among professional and amateur plant growers.

We cannot forget about innovative functions such as self-regulation and the effect of slow release of nutrients in substrates such as Bio Terra Plus. This gives growers more control over the growth process and less risk of making mistakes.

Ultimately, the choice of substrate is one of the most important decisions a grower must make. With a wide range of products and their high quality, Canna offers options that can meet almost any breeding challenge.

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