Test of the Topspin / Medusa irigation system -Done by growtent.eu

Test of the Topspin / Medusa irigation system -Done by growtent.eu

TopSpin irrigation system

To fully enjoy your beautiful garden, you need to ensure proper and regular irrigation. With a small amount of plants, the matter is quite simple, because we can just simply pour from a watering can sufficient amount of water. If, we have to deal with a large number of plants than even simple work begins to take us a lot of time, especially when the plants are arranged side by side (without easy access to each to them). There is a solutions available for the problems described above, it is called Top spin

The heart of the Topspin system is a pump through which water and nutrient are transported to drippers and than to the pots. Pump power should matche the number of TopSpin modules, we suggest the following configurations:

  1. For 4-8 TopSpin systems, the pump should have at least 4500l / h
  2. For 3-4 TopSpin systems, the pump should have at least 2000l / h
  3. For 1-2 TopSpin systems, the pump should have at least 1500l / h
  4. For 1-2 TopSpin systems, the pump should have at least 1000l / h

It is worth remembering that pumps for the TopSpin system, unlike Aero systems, do not require a high pressure pumps (the simplest submersible pump should be enough)

The proper connection of the system is crucial so you can avoid leakage at any place.

When connecting the system, pay attention to several important aspects:

  1. Proper placement of drippers, pay attention to the level of the drippers they should be placed over the level of the pump. Otherwise, after the pump is turned off, the water will continue to run down (in the same way as the fuel from the tank when sucked in)
  2. Pay special attention that the water pipes are deeply inserted into the TopSpin system and the gasket is properly placed

Data collected during the test

To provide reliable information, we conducted the evicenty test several times. We would like to share those results with you.

At the beginning, a few words of introduction of our set up. In the test we used the Neptune NH 4500 water pump which after several leak tests was successfully connected with two TopSpin modules (each single TopSpin module consists of 12 drippers), the pump would be able to handle 6 Topspin modules or even more.

After putting everything together we have launched the system. We mesured that within a minute +/- 70-75ml of water go through each dripper.

We repeated the test several times with different number of connected modules. Each dripper, regardless of the connection configuration, dispenses exactly the same amount of water (70-75ml during one minute).


If you are looking for the right system that will ensure precise and reliable irrigation of your plants, the TopSpin system is the right choice. Thanks to the use of a special pressure reducer, even a weak pump can create the right pressure in the entire system, which directly affects the accuracy of each dripper.