Selection and dosage of Advanced Nutrients fertilizers

Selection and dosage of Advanced Nutrients fertilizers
Are you wondering which Advanced Nutrients fertilizers will be the most suitable for you? In this article, you will learn what they are for and how to use the most popular Advanced Nutrients fertilizers.

When carrying out all kinds of calculations related to the amount of individual nutrients that are needed for our cultivation, we always recommend looking at a special calculator

Advanced Nutrients is one of the most popular producers of profesional plant fertilizers. These fertilizers are a bit more complicated in selection and dosage than, for example, Canna or Plagron, which may be troublesome for inexperienced users. After reading this article, every grower should easily and without problems find the perfect set for their plants. :)

At the very beginning, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the entire range of products offered by Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients fertilizers are largely mineral fertilizers that are appreciated by many growers around the world. Nutrients from AN are characterized by very high efficiency, but are (slightly) more expensive than competing products available on the market. At first glance, the difference in price is hard to notice, although on closer examination it can be seen that in order to have a "tip-top" kit, you need to buy a much larger number of bottles. This is due to the fact that AN has broken down the fertilizers that are normally present in the form of one product into several smaller ones, thus the fertilizers are more efficient but also hit the wallet harder.

The individual weeks of growth - green (1-4) flowering - red (1-6) are shown at the top of the table.
Each value (dose in ml) given for a given week is the value that should be poured during one watering. It is generally assumed that the plant should be watered every 3-4 days, so in practice it turns out that during one week we water once with clean water and once with water with fertilizers with a concentration as shown in the table for a given week.

The first step in the process of selecting fertilizers is choosing the so-called base, the manufacturer offers us 3 options:

Bloom & Grow & Micro

It is the most basic and economical option consisting of 3 fertilizers named Bloom, Grow, Micro . This is a choice that we recommend to users who approach their projects as a hobby or take their first steps and do not want to invest more funds. The favorable price is due to the lower concentration of nutrients compared to other competing products. It should be remembered that all three fertilizers should always be dosed in equal proportions throughout the life of the plant.

Sensi Grow i Sensi Bloom

It is an option based on two two-component fertilizers: sensi grow or the growth phase and sensi bloom for the flowering phase. It is an option based on two two-component fertilizers: sensi grow for the growth phase and sensi bloom for the flowering phase. These fertilizers are one of the best price-quality options. Sensi is a range with a nutritional concentration that fits between the 'grow, bloom, micro' and 'Connoisseur' ranges. It is worth adding that the series of fertilizers has been enriched with the PH perfect formula, which allows for easier PH control in our cultivation.

Connoisseur grow and Connoisseur bloom

It is the highest quality base fertilizer available from Advanced Nutrients. As with Sensi grow and Sensi bloom it is a series consisting of two connoisseur grow for growth and connoisseur bloom for flowering phase, both are two-component fertilizers (part A and part B). The Connoisseur series is dedicated to professionals who are focused on the largest possible harvest and quality.
If you care about the organic "base" we recommend that you check the paragraph dedicated to additives and read "Iguana juice Bloom & Iguana juice Grow". When choosing a given "level" of extensions, we must remember that we must have / buy all the levels that are on the lower levels, i.e. if we want to buy the "professional" level, we must also have the "Hobbyist" level and the "Expert" level
The company Advanced Nutrients groups the available extensions into the following levels:

Hobbyist level

This is the first extension package, which we recommend as a shop even to those who treat their cultivation as an additional activity / hobby. The Hobbyist level set includes:


It is a basic flowering booster, as any product from the boosters category, it increases the mass of flowers / fruit. Bigbud uses the ingredients it contains to "send" the information to the plant that it has ideal conditions to increase the weight of its fruit. Bigbud is one of the cheaper options on the boosters market, but it is also one of the less efficient (you need to dissolve it 2ml / l).


It is a general improver for plants and contains B-series vitamins and (among others) humic acid and sea algae. More advanced growers use B-52 to aid clone development and during the initial flower / fruit building period. B-52 after we recommend to use it from the first signs of flowering.


Overdrive is a flowering booster that has been developed to be used at the very end of a plant's life. Overdrive Overdrive should be used immediately after stopping Bigbud dosing (most often these are the last two weeks of plant life). Overdrive significantly increases the volume of plants at the end of our lives. It has a very similar application to Ripen from GHE, however, it has a much better quality composition, which makes it very popular and appreciated.

VooDoo juice

It is a rooting agent that contains oxygen-producing microbes, which allows the roots to absorb more nutrients. VooDoo juice juice gives you the opportunity to extract 100% of your potential during flowering and growth by building a solid and extensive root system. The rooting agent is especially recommended when growing with clones and in the early stages of life of all plants obtained from seeds.

Expert level

It is one level higher than the Hobbyst level, and it is not without reason that we can find fertilizers with a more targeted application here. Expert level includes:


In short, this is another rooting agent with a similar application to Voodoo juice. Keep in mind that with Advanced Nutrients, none of the lower-tier fertilizers replace the higher-level ones. Similar to Piranha, Piranha is a complement to Voodoo Juice, not a better replacement. Piranha contains additional bacterial cultures that live in symbiosis with the bacteria contained in Voodoo Juice, providing increased yield and root volume, so we can expect higher yields in the end.

Bud Candy

It is a general improver containing a solid dose of sugars, amino acids and vitamins. Plants during intensive flowering show an increased demand for many nutrients. This is because all the processes taking place in the plant require adequate "fuel". For our plants, this fuel will be Bud Candy.

Flawless Finish

During cultivation, we usually dose large amounts of fertilizers in which they settle in the ground - thus salting it. Flawless Finish. comes in handy. which washes away all accumulated salts from the ground. It can be said that this measure is an aid to the flushing process, which we usually do just before the harvest. The flushing process improves the flavor, aroma and overall quality of the final crop.

Professional level

As the name suggests, this is a level designed for professionals. Statistics show that people who decide to invest in fertilizers at the Professional level achieve 33% better results than those who only use Hobbyist level fertilizers. It is worth adding that all fertilizers from this level are fully organic and consist of enzymes, carbohydrates, flowering cofactors and vitamins.
Professional level includes the following components:


As in the case of VooDoo juice and Piranha, the Tarantula is a rooting agent that works with the root system. It is worth emphasizing here that the Tarantula is not a replacement for the above-mentioned Voodoo Juice and Piranha, it is only a complement to them. All fertilizers work in symbiosis and therefore provide the best possible results. By using Tarantula, we add to our root system (assuming that we are using VooDoo juice and Piranha) important strains of bacteria, you could say that Tarantula is the icing on the cake. It is worth adding that in order for our bacteria to develop properly, they should be provided with the right amount of food. The nutrient solution in this case will be Carboload, which contains a large dose of carbohydrates that are processed by the cultures of bacteria and fungi contained in our roots.


Nirvana is a general improver for our plants. Simply put, Nirvana can be defined as a mix of organic fertilizer for flowering with high-quality compost tea. By dosing Nirvana , water, nutrients, light energy and carbon dioxide can be converted by the plant faster, providing the plant with ideal opportunities for growth and development. Plants that we give Nirvana usually have tighter internodes, thanks to which they grow better under artificial light sources.


This agent improves the quality of the substrate, neutralizes all kinds of food source for pathogens and improves the availability of nutrients. SensiZym contains a mix of over 80 bioactive digestive enzymes, all of which occur naturally in nature. The main role of enzymes is to break down dead roots and other organic substances, turning them into an energy source for plants. Growers using Sensizym in their crops will keep the root membranes clean, ensure quick absorption of nutrients, which translates into higher yields.

Grand master level

It is the last and most advanced expansion kit from Advanced Nutrients. Statistics show that growers who have decided to invest in the Grand Master can expect up to 47% higher yields than in the case of Hobbyist level. Grand Master level fertilizers increase the weight of fruit / flowers and shorten the time needed to reach full maturity. This is definitely a level intended for the most demanding growers who want to squeeze 150% of the potential out of their seeds.
The Grand master level includes:

Bud Ignitor

It is a measure that makes the plant react faster to the change of the lighting cycle from vega (18/6) to bloom (12/12). Consequently, the plant has the opportunity to invest more time in flower / fruit construction. Bud Ignitor is dosed before the first week of flowering to reduce flowering time. Bud Ignitor also increases the amount of new bud formed, giving growers more fruit than bare stems.

Rhino Skin

It protects plants against excessive water loss in a hot and dry room and increases resistance to leaf diseases and the negative effects of insects such as spider mites. The ingredients of the preparation are quickly absorbed by plants and create an effective barrier between the plant and external threats. Rhino Skin creates harder and more durable plant cells, thanks to which the stems of the plants are able to bear larger fruits and the whole plant is more "vigorous".

Bud Factor-X

It produces the highest quality crops, causing the plant to produce more resin and larger fruit. After the application o Bud Factor-x Plants become more resistant, which reduces the likelihood that they will fall victim to insects or flower diseases, and at the same time they are able to maintain the photosynthesis process at increased doses under intense growth conditions.

Advanced Nutrients also offers a number of supplements not listed in the above kits.

Jungle juice

It is a series of basic fertilizers for the growth and flowering phase. The series consists of 3 components. Micro- It is a collection of basic ingredients such as nitrogen, iron, lime, etc. Grow - consists mainly of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Bloom but contains Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Sulfur. The combination of all three fertilizers provides all the basic ingredients needed for healthy and effective growth.

Iguana Juice Bloom & Iguana Juice Grow

It is an organic base set of fertilizers Iguana Juice Grow for the growth phase and Iguana Juice Bloom for the flowering phase. Agents from the Iguana series are characterized by good solubility, they have a milder odor than other organic equivalents. Iguana contains fish hydrolyzate, macronutrients, minerals and vitamins that allow you to safely and easily achieve maximum performance.


If your plants have undergone stress (e.g. by transplanting, changing box conditions), are weakened or even close to death, Revive is a must have product! This measure is a drug that can be used preventively as well as when plants have suffered losses. Revive is a kind of first aid kit for your plants, remember to always have it ready.


If you have encountered the problem that your plants stop growing after the 4th week of flowering, this product is for you. Note, if the situation described above happened to you, do not add any more fertilizers / boosters. The plant needs carbohydrates to process nutrients / fertilizers, just like humans do. It is worth adding that Carboload is completely organic, therefore it is safe to use.

Sensi Cal Mag Xtra

The product contains large doses of calcium, magnesium and iron. As the name suggests, Sensi Cal Mag Xtra the most important ingredients are magnesium and calcium. Magnesium is closely related to chlorophyll and has a direct influence on the process of light absorption by the leaves (photosynthesis). Calcium is the basic building block of plant cells, therefore it is crucial during plant growth.

Wet betty

It is a fertilizer intended for foliar application (spraying), the main ingredient of Wet betta is an active wetting agent that reduces the surface tension of the liquid (in this case, nutrient-rich water), which allows easier distribution and absorption of nutrients into the plants.