How AC Infinity's UIS™ Platform is Transforming Indoor Cultivation

How AC Infinity's UIS™ Platform is Transforming Indoor Cultivation

History and solutions by AC Infinity

AC Infinity is an American technology company specializing in environmental control solutions, which began its operations with a project related to cooling audio-video equipment. The company's history dates back to a time when a team of acoustic engineers was working on renovating a recording studio and encountered overheating problems due to insufficient ventilation. The available fans on the market were too noisy, prompting the engineers to design their own quiet and efficient ventilation system. This led to the creation of AC Infinity's first product – the AIRPLATE ventilation system, which turned out to be a huge success.

Development and Innovation

Following the success of the AIRPLATE, AC Infinity continued to grow by introducing more innovative products to the market. The company focuses on creating systems that are not only efficient but also quiet and easy to use. One of the key areas of innovation is the UIS™ (Universal Interface System) platform, which integrates various control devices, enabling comprehensive environmental management in enclosed spaces. UIS™ controllers allow for precise control of parameters such as temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure deficit (VPD), which is crucial in professional plant cultivation.

A company founded by Professional Growers

Our observations indicate that AC Infinity was founded by experts with extensive experience in controlled climate cultivation. Every product and the solutions implemented in them demonstrate that the development team strives to eliminate problems associated with plant cultivation as much as possible, making it as simple as possible. Continuous innovations and improvements to existing products aim to minimize the difficulties encountered by growers, providing them with tools that allow them to focus on optimal plant growth rather than solving technical issues.

Ac Infinity UIS platform

AC Infinity Ecosystem (UIS™ Platform) - Full Automation of Plant Cultivation

The UIS™ (Universal Interface System) platform is an advanced ecosystem developed by AC Infinity, which integrates various control devices, enabling comprehensive environmental management in enclosed spaces. UIS™ is designed to provide users with complete control over parameters such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and vapor pressure deficit (VPD) in their cultivation systems.

Control Every Aspect of Cultivation

The UIS™ platform allows for the automation of the entire cultivation environment using a single controller and a mobile application. UIS™ controllers can manage multiple devices simultaneously, significantly simplifying the monitoring and adjustment of conditions in enclosed spaces such as grow tents.

  • Climate Control: UIS™ enables precise control of temperature and humidity, which is crucial for the healthy growth of plants.
  • Lighting Automation: The platform supports various types of grow lights, allowing for automatic adjustment of light intensity and cycles.
  • VPD Management: Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is an important parameter in plant cultivation, and UIS™ allows for its precise monitoring and control.
AC Infinity mobile app

AC Infinity Mobile App - Programming growing conditions, climate charts, and full control over the UIS™ System

AC Infinity offers a dedicated mobile app that allows users to monitor and control all UIS™ devices from anywhere. This app provides advanced features such as data charts, notifications, and the programming of advanced schedules, enabling even greater optimization of growing conditions.

Easy expansion of the UIS™ Ecosystem with products from other Manufacturers

The UIS™ platform is designed to be compatible with various devices and accessories offered by AC Infinity as well as other manufacturers. AC Infinity provides adapters that allow the connection of accessories from other brands, making the platform extremely versatile. Users can easily integrate new devices into their ecosystem, allowing for gradual expansion and customization to meet growing needs.

The entire AC Infinity ecosystem is designed with versatility and flexibility in mind, enabling integration with devices from other manufacturers. Thanks to universal power sockets and transition modules, users can connect various devices such as fans, heaters, humidifiers, and lights, even if they are not directly compatible with the UIS™ system. UIS™ controllers manage the power supply to these devices and allow for their monitoring and automation via the dedicated mobile app.

The flexibility of the UIS™ platform makes it an ideal solution for those who want to integrate different devices from various manufacturers into a single cohesive environmental management system. With universal features and expansion capabilities, UIS™ offers unparalleled versatility and control over conditions in enclosed growing spaces. 

ac infinity ecosystem

Wide range of devices creating the UIS™ Ecosystem by AC Infinity

Now, we will discuss the elements that make up the entire UIS™ ecosystem. We will focus on the key devices and controllers that work together within this platform to provide comprehensive management of environmental conditions in enclosed spaces. We will explore how these components interact to offer versatile and automated solutions for users.

climate controllers by ac infinity

AC Infinity C69 Pro Climate Controller - Advanced Device for Comprehensive Cultivation Environment Management

In the middle of the entire ecosystem is the C69 PRO climate controller from AC Infinity, an advanced device designed for comprehensive management of environments in enclosed cultivation spaces. Equipped with the universal UIS™ interface, the C69 PRO allows precise control of temperature, humidity, lighting, and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). The device can manage multiple devices simultaneously, enabling automation and optimization of growing conditions. With the dedicated mobile app, users can monitor and control all connected devices from anywhere, program schedules, and analyze environmental data in real-time. Thanks to its versatility and advanced features, the C69 PRO controller is a key element of the UIS™ ecosystem.

cloudline fans by ac infinity

AC Infinity Cloudline Series Fan - High Performance with Low Noise and Energy Consumption

The Cloudline series fans from AC Infinity are advanced duct fans designed to control the climate in enclosed spaces such as grow tents and cultivation rooms. Equipped with modern EC (electronically commutated) motors, these fans offer high performance with low noise levels and energy consumption. Models in this series, such as the Cloudline T4 and T6, feature integrated controllers that allow precise control of temperature and humidity, as well as an automatic fan speed adjustment function based on environmental conditions. Thanks to their reliability and advanced features, Cloudline fans are an ideal choice for professional growers and home cultivation enthusiasts who are looking for an efficient and quiet climate management solution.

Some fans in the Cloudline series from AC Infinity are equipped with a remote control that allows for the adjustment of 10 different speed settings, providing precise airflow customization to meet the user's current needs. The remote control offers easy and convenient operation, enabling the optimization of climate conditions in enclosed spaces such as grow tents.

cloudline with remote control

The more advanced fans in the Cloudline series from AC Infinity, equipped with climate controllers, allow the integration of other accessories into a single ecosystem. With the automatic fan adjustment feature, the system can maintain optimal growing conditions in enclosed spaces such as grow tents, making them an ideal solution for professional growers and technology enthusiasts.

cloudline with climate controller
ac infinity charcoal filter

Premium carbon filters from AC Infinity Brand

AC Infinity carbon filters are distinguished by their high efficiency in removing odors and impurities from the air, thanks to the use of high-quality activated carbon. These filters feature a large adsorptive surface area, ensuring long-lasting and effective performance. Additionally, the design of AC Infinity filters allows for easy replacement of carbon inserts, making them both economical and environmentally friendly.

Key features of AC Infinity carbon filters:

  • Constructed with aluminum flanges and galvanized steel mesh: Includes two straps, two rope clips, and two pre-filters.
  • Contains top-quality Australian charcoal: Offers higher adsorption at 1200+ IAV and 33% longer lifespan compared to other brands.
  • Easily replaceable carbon inserts: Simplifies maintenance and extends the filter's usability.
carbon filters from AC Infinity
air filtration kit from ac infinity

AC Infinity Ventilation Kits: Carbon Filter + Inline Fan

AC Infinity's ready-to-use ventilation kits, combining Cloudline series fans and high-quality carbon filters, offer complete and efficient climate control in enclosed spaces. These kits are designed to provide maximum ventilation efficiency and effective removal of odors and impurities.

  • Complete Climate Control: These kits combine powerful Cloudline fans, known for their quiet operation and advanced control features, with efficient carbon filters that effectively eliminate odors thanks to the high porosity of activated carbon.

  • Ease of Installation: The products come with all necessary accessories, making installation quick and simple. Users can easily set up the system to ensure optimal climate conditions without the need to purchase additional components.

  • Advanced Control: The kits are equipped with smart controllers that allow precise adjustment of fan speed, temperature, and humidity, as well as automatic adjustment of operating parameters based on current conditions. Some models also feature remote controls with 10 speed settings, enhancing user convenience.

  • Low Airflow Resistance: The carbon filters in the kits are designed to provide minimal airflow resistance, allowing the ventilation system to maintain high efficiency without increasing energy consumption.

These ready-to-use ventilation kits are ideal for use in grow tents, basements, and other enclosed spaces requiring effective and efficient ventilation and air filtration.

cloudforge t6

Cloudforge Humidifier from AC Infinity - next generation humidifier

Ultrasonic Technology: The Cloudforge T3 uses advanced ultrasonic technology to create a fine water mist, ensuring efficient humidification without excessive water consumption.

  • Large Tank Capacity: The humidifier is equipped with a large water tank, allowing for prolonged operation without frequent refilling, making it ideal for larger cultivation spaces.

  • Adjustable Mist Intensity: The device offers adjustable mist intensity, enabling the customization of humidity levels to meet the specific needs of plants at various growth stages.

  • Quiet Operation: Thanks to modern technology, the Cloudforge T3 operates exceptionally quietly, making it an ideal choice for environments where silence is important.

  • Easy to Use and Maintain: The humidifier is designed for simplicity, featuring an intuitive control panel and easy access to components that require cleaning and maintenance.

The Cloudforge T3 is a reliable and efficient solution for growers who need precise humidity control in their cultivation spaces, ensuring optimal conditions for healthy plant growth.

cloudlab grow tent

AC Infinity Cloudlab Grow Tents - High-Quality Materials and Solid Construction

The Cloudlab series by AC Infinity consists of grow tents designed to provide ideal conditions for plant cultivation in controlled environments. These tents are distinguished by their solid construction, high-quality materials, and thoughtful features that facilitate climate management and optimize plant growth.

  • Durable Construction: Cloudlab tents are made from thick, durable 2000D Mylar material that is tear-resistant and ensures maximum longevity. The sturdy metal frame provides stability and durability.
  • High Light Reflectivity: The interior of the tents is covered with highly reflective material that optimizes light reflection, enhancing lighting efficiency and ensuring even illumination of plants.
  • Advanced Ventilation Features: The tents are equipped with numerous ventilation and cable ports, allowing easy connection of ventilation systems, carbon filters, and other devices. This ensures effective air circulation and climate control.
  • Easy Access and Convenience: Large entry doors and multiple observation windows allow easy access to plants and monitoring of their growth without the need to open the entire tent. The zippers are durable and provide a tight seal.

The Cloudlab series is an ideal solution for professional growers and home plant enthusiasts who seek reliable and efficient solutions for their growing spaces.

ac infinity smart control

Why should You consider AC Infinity products?

AC Infinity products and the UIS™ platform represent advanced technological solutions for climate control and environmental management in enclosed spaces. From the Cloudline series fans, which offer precise airflow regulation and come equipped with remote controls or advanced climate controllers, to high-porosity carbon filters, and comprehensive ventilation kits, each of these solutions is designed with maximum efficiency and reliability in mind. Additionally, the Cloudlab series grow tents provide excellent conditions for plant growth thanks to their solid construction and high light reflectivity. The Cloudforge T3 humidifier, utilizing ultrasonic technology, ensures optimal humidity, supporting healthy plant development. Combined with the UIS™ platform, which allows integrated management of all these devices, AC Infinity offers a comprehensive ecosystem that meets the needs of both professional growers and home cultivation enthusiasts.

AC Infinity's entry into the European Market

The long-awaited AC Infinity brand entered the European market in March 2024. The high demand for AC products, related to the legalization of marijuana cultivation in Germany, caused significant delays in deliveries, and many products are currently unavailable. We expect the situation to normalize by the end of 2024, allowing for stock replenishment and the introduction of new AC Infinity items.

Our opinion on AC Infinity

In our opinion, there is currently no better brand on the market offering products for growers than AC Infinity. The quality of the products and the solutions used show that these are products created by professional growers. The high price reflects the quality of the products themselves, and the ability to create a complete, automated ecosystem with remote viewing and management is something that definitely sets the AC Infinity brand apart. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or visit our physical store, Growshop Growtent, in Warsaw.